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What are you protected against?

It is a form of insurance, which provides indemnity and monetary compensation for expenses or loss of income brought about by death or bodily injury arising from accidental means.

Accidental Death Benefit

If assured dies from accident, he will be indemnified of the full coverage of the policy.

Permanent Dismemberment

Assured is paid subject to percentage of the sum insured according to the schedule of benefits in case of dismemberment or permanent disability. Unlike other policies we provide indemnity for loss of use that would not require actual severance of limbs.

Temporary Total and Partial disability

Pays a weekly indemnity in case of disability, which prevents the insured from temporarily performing his duties/wotk totally or partially

Medical Reimbursement and Surgical Expenses

Medical expenses that maybe reimbursed arising from the accident, subject to limits of the policy.

Unprovoked Murder and Assault

Assured is paid benefits in cases of death and disablement caused by unprovoked murder and assault or any attempt thereat, subject to the policy limits.

Burial Assistance

Pays for burial expenses, subject to policy limits


No, Personal Accident (PA) Insurance only covers claims from accidental means. Natural sickness is not covered under this PA.